ONE STOP EPAYMENT AND BUSINESS PLATFORM is an online pay service introduced to make life much more easier and simpler. So now you can just sit back, relax and pay services online by just a click for your mouse.

payment gateway
GATEWAY is a payment gateway for buying and selling products and services. There is eWallet system can be deposited from any of local or international banks or other payment gateways that linked with the system, this can be used to pay to merchants or deposit back to bank.

payment gateway

As a merchant, there is a virtual payment page auto designed by system that lets your customer pay through it or if one is running online ecommerce site, simply use our API and integrate in their e-commerce payment page and your customer will have easy payment. You as a merchant will have your wallet deposited after your customer pay.

payment gateway

With, you can make transaction from one country to another. Whether you are within the country or out bound, you can easily pay bill online in time and without any lengthy processes.

payment gateway

PaybyOnline is a business platform for all whether you are a small business, small shop,  freelance marketing or business with a good network. With a single platform there are several facilities with user can buy online while anyone can become Reseller or Super Reseller to sell and distribute services to end users with a commission earning.